• Outside Plant

    • Aerial construction

    • Conventional Underground

      • Directional boring

      • Open Cut / Trenching

    • Direct Bury

    • Hydro and Vacuum excavations

    • Pull through existing conduit

    • Duct proofing

    • Manhole coring

  • Inside Plant Build

    • Turnkey Commercial builds

  • Railroad crossing construction and coordination

  • Forced Relocation

  • Emergency repair

Telecommunication & Cable
  • Turnkey New City Build Outs

  • Coax

    • Installation

    • Repair

    • Extensions

    • Splicing and activation

  • Fiber Optic

    • Installation

    • Repair

    • Extensions

    • Splicing

    • Multi-function loss testing

    • Fiber investigation and mapping



El Oso Construction was established in 2004. We are a full-service telecommunication and cable construction company. We specialize in outside and inside plant fiber optic/coax construction. We are based in Griffith, Indiana with majority of our work being in the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area including the City of Chicago. We have also worked on projects in multiple areas around the country. We have a comprehensive background in construction, management, and engineering. We have crews with years of experience and training including: underground and aerial construction, coax and fiber splicing, manhole access and inventory, fiber auditing, small cell and macro cell work. We have worked with a variety of clients and contractors and have considerable relationships with leading figures in the Chicagoland area.



Our team holds safety as the highest priority and makes it a part of the daily work place. Our crews have specialized training in OSHA standards and confined space. We find crew safety meetings are an important way to enhance awareness and prevention. Full participation of our employees ensures the safety our workers, public, and facilities.



Cable Contractor
work including continuous network maintenance and residential/commercial new builds including outside plant construction, plant extensions, splicing, interior builds
Telecommunication Chicagoland Fiber Ring Build
work including aerial, underground, fiber build, fiber splicing, small cell and macro cell connectivity
Turnkey Construction network cable build
work including aerial, underground, coax/fiber build, coax splicing and activation, fiber splicing
Fiber to the home city build
work including aerial construction and fiber build providing new service to residential customers


Head Office

403 Industrial Dr

Griffith, IN 46319

Phone 219.200.9188

Fax 219.934.9713


To apply for a job with El Oso Constuction, please send a cover letter to:


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 219.200.9188